Sue M – full testimonial

Despite the impact of the coronavirus crisis two weeks into my coaching sessions, I have been able to move on with my goals in ways I wasn’t sure I would be able to, as a freelancer having lost all my work and income.

The sessions helped me feel more confident, focussed and set sensible timelines in a format that suited me/my mindset. I remember the day feeling that I had ‘turned the corner’ and a load had been lightened; I was actually starting to move forward and do something that I loved – a goal I had had for over a year but had constantly put obstacles in my way to do it. I stopped focussing on the one thing I had been obsessing was the issue and realised by starting to move forwards in other areas, other options would open up to me … and they did.

Crina was astute, sensitive, understanding, positive and had a way of gently nudging me in the right direction and bringing me back on track if I wandered ‘off piste’ too much. By telling me what she was hearing when I spoke, made me think more about was I was saying and feeling and as such I then had the answers (or at the very least suggestions and ideas on how to move forward/what I could do). By asking me to imagine myself in a situation in the future, how I felt, what my life looked like was a great help as I am a very visual person. I was very comfortable talking with her about everything, even more spiritual and holistic subjects which not everyone appreciates.

… I was looking for tools/toolkit to help me find my way and achieve what I am capable of on a personal and professional level. Crina completely understood that and I definitely feel I now have those tools. She has helped me understand that (for me) I need to ‘own’ a problem, issue or goal, not let it own me, so that I can move forward. I now look at ALL different options to move forward rather than focussing on one thing that I think should be done before anything will fall into place or be possible.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Crina Ancuta to friends and colleagues and cannot thank her enough for her help and guidance.