Joe Thomas – full testimonial

Coaching sessions with Crina had a very profound effect on me. I felt the power of opportunities, multitude of possibilities and enormous confidence that I can make the impossible happen now.

These sessions, happened at a very important time in my career and in a very unplanned and unexpected manner. And, it was indeed a blessing in disguise! I was geared up and prepared to face the next chapter that was about to unfold in my life. By then, Crina had really opened up the canvas of opportunities in front of me by asking a few simple but critical questions. She provided key guidance, subtle steering and tools to prioritise the right choices. And more importantly facilitated me to chart out a plan that can help me achieve these options that seemed very daunting earlier.

I was starting to see and discover my own world in a different perspective. I was interacting and speaking to a very influential network of known and unknown people and getting inspired and intrigued by the power of ideas and execution! And all this because I was being mentored by someone who had a much wider perspective and experience.

I have known Crina as a leader who sets brilliant examples of tackling unexpected challenges & managing high performing teams. It was indeed a privilege to be coached and mentored by her, to see things from her perspective and get tips on how we could spot opportunities in the most “seemingly” hopeless situation. I could feel this right from the first session and her committed follow through on my experience post each session helped me grow immensely.